Say Yes To The Dress America Casting Submission

Half Yard Productions is casting for an upcoming Say Yes to the Dress Special! This is your time to shine!  
Show us what makes both you and your STATE special! 

Step 1: Complete the below form


Please read and respond to the following statements

I hereby certify that all the statements made in this application form are true and complete. I understand that any discrepancies, misstatements, omission and/or falsifications may disqualify me for consideration as a participant in the show or may cause my immediate removal if I have already been selected as a participant. 

I understand and agree that Half Yard Productions, LLC ("Half Yard") is relying on the accuracy and completeness of this application form in evaluating my possible participation in the show and may use the information provided by me in this application form to conduct a background investigation and prepare a background report on me to be used solely in conjunction with assessing

Half Yard Productions is committed to your privacy. You can read our Privacy Statementhere

Step 2: If contacted you will need to submit a casting tape

We are looking for brides who represent each of their states unique traits.
Keep that in mind as you are gearing up to record your casting video.
Additionally please take note of the information below:



We’re looking for videos that bring on your creativity & personality.  Have you always wanted to make a parody music video, star in your own soap opera, show off your hidden talent?  
The sky is the limit. If chosen, you will be representing your state. 
Please make sure to film HORIZONTALLY. Do NOT film in selfie mode. Videos should not exceed 1 minute 30 seconds in length. 

A few things to note:

If chosen, videos will be available for viewing on the TLC website. 
Do NOT film in a loud, crowded public place with music playing in the background.
Do NOT film with anyone who would not be willing to sign an appearance release if need be. 
Anything with a trademark cannot be shown (ie- Disney character).

Some questions to consider:

Tell us about your state pride.
What makes you stand out and why?
What makes you unique/different than others from your state?
Why do you want to get married with the rest of America?
Why should we pick you?
How can we expect to see you showing off your state pride in NYC?



By sending these videos you grant the producers of Say Yes to the Dress the right to use them for air and digital content.

If selected, brides will have the opportunity to select a dress at Kleinfeld Bridal from a curated collection.